Choose the Best Case for your Sunglasses

Keep Your Favorite Sunglasses Scratch-Free and Safe with a Protective Case

Sunglass cases come in many shapes and sizes but there is no doubt that placing your sunglasses in a case when you are not using them protects sunglasses from scratches, smudges, breaking or bending and getting lost.

Hard Large Plastic Sunglass Cases (aka Clam Case)

Pros: Has a fashionable, sturdy construction for maximum protection and they fit most of the larger on-trend shapes.

Cons: They are large and don’t easily fit in a purse and can be cumbersome to carry around.

hard case

Squeeze Top Sunglass Soft Cases

Pros: These sunglass cases can fit most small and medium sunglasses, aren’t bulky and offer pretty decent protection. The snap top is easy to open and close and keeps sunglasses safely inside.

Cons: Won’t be able to fit the larger styles of sunglasses in these types of cases and won’t protect your sunglasses if you sit on the case.

snap top soft case


Hard Slim Sunglass Case


Pros: It withstands just about anything giving your sunglasses awesome protection and they are slim enough to fit almost anywhere.

Cons: Since they have a slim design, these sunglass cases can fit most Wayfarers and Clubmasters but won’t fit some of the bulkier fashion sunglass styles.

hard slim case

Microfiber Drawstring Pouch

Pros – Microfiber pouches are lightweight, take up almost no space and have a dual purpose as a cleaning cloth. You can fit your hand through the drawstring to carry them around with ease.

Cons – These soft pouches don’t offer much protection if you drop your sunglasses.


soft draw string pouch





Soft Rubber-Like Case with Velcro Fastener

Pros – It offers medium protection, soft and not too bulky, can accommodate just about any size or shape of sunglasses. It is made of a durable neoprene-like material.

Cons – Can’t think of many cons. It is a great case


soft rubber w velcro case




Triangular Foldable Rigid Sunglass Case

Pros- Very chic, folds flat when not in use, rigid to offer superior protection and has an easy and practical magnetic closure.

Cons – Could be an awkward shape in terms of stacking.

 triangular case triangular 2



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