Which are the Best Sunglasses for Golfers?

Golfers are a peculiar bunch. They leave nothing to chance when it comes to improving their game, including wearing the right clothes and accessories, right down (or up) to their sunglasses.  Golf is a challenging sport especially visually.  There are lighting variations to consider, short and long focal distances and different colored and contoured backgrounds, so it is no surprise the ideal golf sunglasses are such a big conversation topic among golfers.

Some golfers swear by pink tinted lenses, claiming they help distinguish the contours of the putting green better. Others golfers bet on amber tinted sunglasses for better contrast. And some stay with the classic grey swearing by the clarity and dependability in all light conditions.

But the question that haunts most golfers is not which lens tints are better for golfing but whether polarized or non-polarized sunglasses are preferred on the course.  On an average day on the links, players spend 4 hours or more fighting blinding direct light reflected from sand traps or water features, squinting to distinguish their white balls against a gray/blue sky, straining their eyes to find their tiny white ball among the shady rough, attempting all sorts of focusing techniques to gauge distances and changes in terrain and struggling to look cool for all the passer bys and lookie loos. This is a lot to ask from a pair of eyes!

We believe that polarized amber-tinted sunglasses are the best choice for golf. Polarization blocks the glare while the amber tint enhances contrast. The combination of both has the added benefit of relaxing your eyes and keeping them at their finest. Equally important is the quality of the lenses. Look for quality sunglasses with optical quality lenses for the clearest, sharpest and non-distorted vision. If you wear glasses, opt for amber-tinted polarized fitsovers or clipons by Solar Shield.


And… no! We don’t know what the deal is with Justin Rose’s sunglasses. We are not sure if Justin Rose’s sunglasses have one purple and one orange lens but it sure seems that way. Maybe he couldn’t decide which tint to go for and opted for both.

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