4 Summer Hazards for Your Eyes


Summer is a time to enjoy warm weather, have fun and be carefree. However, dangers abound especially those to our eyes.

There are 4 main culprits: the sun, smoke, chemicals and balls.


  1. Dangerous UV rays from the sun above and reflected from the sand, water and other flat surfaces damage your eyes and may contribute to cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and more. Eyes can be sunburned by the sun. Photokeratitis –burned corneas – is serious and can cause temporary blindness and permanent damage to vision. Always wear sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection, polarized to block reflected sunlight and a wide brimmed hat.

woman enjoying herself on a tropical beach in the bahamas

2.  Smoke from bon fires, Citronella candles, fireworks and of course barbecues! If you are the cook at a BBQ chances are you‘ve exposed your eyes to smoke. Smoke is full of tiny particles and gasses that can cause dry, itchy and sore eyes. Wearing sunglasses or safety glasses can help prevent damage to your eyes.


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  1. Chemicals – In summer we are surrounded by chemicals that we should keep far away from our eyes. These include bug repellents, sunscreen and water – Not the type you drink but pool and ocean water can be very bad for your eyes. Chlorine and polluted ocean water are never safe for your eyes so be sure to wear goggles or masks when swimming and enjoying water sports.

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  1. Golf balls, beach balls, volley balls and baseballs! Need we say more?

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