Should You Wear Sunglasses all Year Long Regardless of the Weather?

By now, most of us know sunglasses are more than just fashion accessories and have made it a habit to wear sunglasses during the summer months, but many of us still don’t know we should be wearing sunglasses year-round.   UV rays don’t go away once the summer months are over.  If it is daytime, there is UV light and that light is reaching your eyes, unless you are protecting them. UV rays are present no matter the season and UV rays can cause eye sun burns, cataracts, macular degeneration, cancer of the eye and eye lid, wrinkles around the eye, and other vision and eye ailments. Read what the professionals have to say on this topic: Eye protection is important all year long, no matter the weather or time of year. “Thirty-one percent of UV light still comes through on … Read More

Which are the Best Sunglasses for Golfers?

Golfers are a peculiar bunch. They leave nothing to chance when it comes to improving their game, including wearing the right clothes and accessories, right down (or up) to their sunglasses.  Golf is a challenging sport especially visually.  There are lighting variations to consider, short and long focal distances and different colored and contoured backgrounds, so it is no surprise the ideal golf sunglasses are such a big conversation topic among golfers. Some golfers swear by pink tinted lenses, claiming they help distinguish the contours of the putting green better. Others golfers bet on amber tinted sunglasses for better contrast. And some stay with the classic grey swearing by the clarity and dependability in all light conditions. But the question that haunts most golfers is not which lens tints are better for golfing but whether polarized or non-polarized sunglasses are … Read More

Rubbing your Eyes – Pros and Cons

  Feeling tired, sleepy? Have dry, burning, itchy eyes? If you are tempted to rub your eyes, stop!  Read this first. You might want to reconsider. PROS of Rubbing Your Eyes There are no pros to rubbing your eyes.  Rubbing your eyes very gently (which is not rubbing but rather gently massaging) helps stimulate the lacrimal glands to secrete tears, helping lubricate eyes that are dry or itchy. A gentle eye massage can help relieve stress as well. Pressing down on the eyeball can stimulate the oculocardiac reflex which can decrease stress and slow heart rate as a consequence of applying pressure directly to the eyeball   CONS of Rubbing Your Eyes Bacteria Transfers From Your Hands To Your Eyes. Anytime we touch our eyes without washing our hands, we risk transferring that bacteria and exposing our eyes to infection. … Read More

Three Important Things you can do to Protect your Eye Health

Eye Hydration Drink water so you can produce tears. The tear ducts in your eyes are responsible for keeping your eyes lubricated. Tears give you good vision, keep your eyes clean, healthy and protect them from irritants. Rest Your Eyes 2. Rest your eyes and sleep. Look away from your computer, tablet or phone and give your eyes a rest.  Sleep re-charges your whole system-including your eyes. You need at least five hours of sleep to help your eyes. Protect Your Eyes 3. Wear your sunnies. Sunglasses are the most under-rated accessory but they should be # 1 on your list. While your purse may carry all your stuff, sunglasses save your eyesight from the really bad effects of UV rays like eye blindness, macular degeneration, glaucoma and eye cancer. Get 30% off all sunglasses, fitsovers and clipons at  … Read More

The One and Only Piece of Equipment You Need For Any And All Outdoor Recreational Activities

Nature brings us joy; it intrigues us, baffles us and can even frighten us. For over 140 million Americans, outdoor recreation is a priority in their lives. This means about half of all the people in the U.S. enjoy some type of outdoor activity on a regular basis regardless of race, age or gender. That is a whole lot of people going outside to have some fun and R&R. According to the Outdoor Industry Association, the top 10 outdoor activities in the U.S. are: 1. Camping Water Sports Bicycling Hiking, trail walking Off-roading Snow sports Motorcycling Fishing Wildlife viewing Hunting The greatest oxymoron is that while most people seek outdoor recreation as a way to escape the stress and complication of urban life, preparing for our relaxing and enjoyable contact with nature is anything but simple. We have turned the … Read More

10 Crazy things you can buy for your dogs and other pets

Being a good pet owner these days, involves much more than providing food and a warm place to sleep.  Today, there are a myriad of products we can purchase to show our love and devotion to your pet, from adorable outfits, festive costumes, specialized strollers and car seats, climate controlled cat and dog houses, High-Tec toys, Sephora-worthy beauty and grooming supplies and much more. As pet owners, we want our dogs, cats and other pets to look good, be happy and be the best looking, smartest, best behaved pets in the world and there is no end to the items we buy for them to help them achieve that. Some of these items are crazy and some lifesaving, you decide. Beauty & Health care items are big in the pet world, like the Ultimate Trail Boot hiking shoes for dogs, … Read More

What is Digital Eye Strain and How Can we Prevent and Combat it?

  The latest buzz in the eyewear industry is digital eye strain and blue light. As you might have heard, the countless hours spent staring at our digital devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers and yes even smart watches, is taking a toll on our eyes. Digital Eye Strain Symptoms What does digital eye strain feel and look like?  Red, itchy, tired, irritated and/or dry eyes; blurry vision; headaches; and neck and shoulder pain, are all symptoms of digital eye strain.  What causes these symptoms?  The simple answer is that digital devices give off bright light, small text and pixelated images which causes us to focus more intently, blink less, keep our neck a, head and shoulders rigid in crunched-over positions, and exposes our eyes to damaging blue light. Digital Eye Strain Treatments What can you do to … Read More

What’s New in Sunglasses? Lenses with attitude!

Just when it seems like we have seen it all when it pertains to sunglasses, we realize we haven’t. Sunglasses these days come in all shapes and sizes The market is saturated with iconic sunglass silhouettes like Aviators, Caravans, Clubmasters, Cat Eyes, Rounds, Wayfarers and shields. But it isn’t just the variety of shapes that makes us dizzy, the myriad of materials, adornments, volume and colors is astounding. If you can imagine it, there’s a sunglass like it. Whether you want sunglasses in wood, Titanium, stainless steel, mother of pearl, acetate, recycled jeans, in red, green, clear, neon, metallic, matte rubber, with flat lenses, mirrored lenses, with a camera attached or with flower adornments, chances are you’ll find them. Lenses finally decided they are not going to be out-shined by frames and they are making quite a statement.  The latest … Read More

Spring Trivia!!!!

·         Folklore has it that during the Vernal Equinox you can stand an uncooked egg on its end and it won’t fall over. Perhaps Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall at the wrong time of year! ·         For many of us, spring cleaning is an annual occurrence. Did you know that pagan tradition believed that spring cleaning brought good energy into their homes? The catch is that the scrubbing had to be done in a clockwise direction. That means “wax on” but no “wax off”! ·         Ancient civilizations created markers, such as Stonehenge, to measure the changing seasons. Imagine changing that calendar every year! ·         Native Americans referred to March’s full moon as the “Full Worm Moon”. It is around this time that worms can be observed surfacing from below the soil (and birds circling overhead). ·         If you were … Read More